laptop battery for Dell YRDD6

Genuine Dell YRDD6 Laptop Battery

  • $ 75.23 97.80
  • Brand new + 2 years warranty + 30 day money back!
  • Availability : In stock

    Battery Type : Lithium-ion

    Voltage : 11.46V

    Capacity : 42Wh

    Color : Black

Adapter for Dell YRDD6

AC Adapter for Dell YRDD6

  • $ 42.56 50.89
  • Brand New + 2 years warranty + 30 day money back!
  • Availability : In stock

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Dell YRDD6 Battery Specification

Availability: In-Stock
Cell Type: Li-Ion
Capacity: 42Wh
Voltage: 11.46V
Color: Black
Condition: New
Guarantee: 2 Years

Dell YRDD6 Battery 42Wh 11.46V

This Genuine dell YRDD6 Laptop Battery comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2 Years Warranty. Bring your laptop back to life with this cutting-edge premium quality Li-polymer battery. The built-in protection circuit ensures safety, stability, fast charging and low power consumption for your device

How can I extend your battery run time?

  • Avoid using the CD or DVD drive as the motor consumes a fair amount of power.
  • Turn off your wireless finder if you are not using the internet.
  • Remove any devices plugged into your USB ports or other ports.
  • Close out programs you are not using. By minimizing the load on your CPU, sometimes you can avoid having the cooling fan turn to its high speed mode.
  • Increase your memory to 4 Gigabytes. This creates less work for your hard drive. Data is temporarily written to your hard drive when your memory is not sufficient to hold all the data on the many pages you may be accessing.
  • Reduce the brightness of your laptop screen. This is the number one drain on your battery YRDD6 by far.

Replaces the Dell laptop models:

  • Inspiron 14 3493
  • Inspiron 15 3505
  • Inspiron 15 3583
  • Inspiron 15 3593
  • Inspiron 17 3793

Replaces the following Dell battery part numbers:

  • YRDD6
 YRDD6 Battery